Elle Mills just deleted her Instagram and Twitter account

12 February 2019, 16:32

Elle Mills deletes her Instagram and Twitter account
Picture: YouTube: Elle Mills
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Elle has suddenly disappeared from social media

Elle Mills has unexpectedly closed her Twitter and Instagrams accounts, with some users guessing that it is due to the negative reaction she received to a new tattoo she posted about.

Elle posted some pictures of her new tattoo (the word "tattoo", written in Comic Sans font) to both of those social media accounts and faced an immediate backlash from people who found it unfunny.

Elle Mills' new tattoo
Elle Mills' new tattoo. Picture: Twitter: elle mills

Elle clearly hoped the tattoo would be received warmly, but many took it as an opportunity to attack her sense of humour and YouTube comedy in general, with one tweet which which read simply "youtubers are a plague to all things funny", amassed over 177,000 likes and 20,000 retweets in under 24 hours.

The tattoo pictures soon went somewhat viral and became a focal point for people to attack, leading some of Elle's friends and fans to step up to her defence, like Corinna Kopf, who tweeted:

"can y’all stop hating on elle mills for no fucking reason... just because someone has followers doesn’t mean it’s not bullying you fucks."

Fans are shocked to see her gone.

Elle is a YouTuber who has been open about having a mixed experience handling her newfound online fame.

In 2018 she posted a video highlighting the 'burnout' she felt after striving so hard to maintain the quality and quantity of her video output. A large amount of people dog-piling your tweet would be difficult for anyone, let alone someone as young as Elle.

Now, both her social accounts have been taken offline. With no accounts left to follow except her YouTube channel, we presumably won't know exactly what has happened until Elle's next video.