14 Emma Blackery Gifs That Sum Up Your Dating Roller-Coaster

6 October 2015, 12:13 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

emma blackery gifs

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Why do TV shows bill dating and being single as a barrel of laughs? Sure, there's a bunch of upsides and you don't need no man (or woman) to define you. But then there's Tinder and it's literally soul destroying. Why? Why would you put *that* as your main image?

If you're feeling the feels and realising life really isn't like an episode of Sex And The City, here's 14 Emma Blackery gifs that just get you...

When you're on Tinder and match with a hot, normal person


Only for them to tell you they have $1,000,000 tied up and they need your help


So you give it another go. Only to get a diseased looking dick pic.


You move on from app dating and make sexy eye contact with the hottie on the bus


And struggle to understand why - after weeks - they just don't get it


Your friend sets you up on a blind date. But you still cringe at what happened on the last one...


But your mum keeps bugging you about kids/dying alone so you go for it anyway


Only to be reminded why you hate dating in the first place...


Especially when they start crying about their ex before dessert arrives...


Maybe you're trying too hard. Maybe you should keep busy and let love come to you.


Or just give up on men?


Or people altogether? 


Whatever you do, don't get down about it and become a recluse. 


Because you never know when you'll meet the right one.