We Compiled The Most Popular Videos From Your 2015 Faves So You Don't Have To

11 December 2015, 15:20 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

And you'll never believe who got top spot...

It's been a crazy old year for our favourite YouTubers in 2015, with books, documentaries and weddings springing up all over the place! So we've done some research to find out which were the most viewed videos for each of our YouTube favourites over the past 12 months, and ranked them against each other like some horrid Hunger Games-style dictatorship.

Have fun down memory lane!

17th - Fleur DeForce (434k / February 6th)


16th - iJustine (990k / April 17th)


15th - Grace Helbig (2.2m / April 22nd)


14th - Hannah Hart (2.6m / July 11th)


13th - Troye Sivan (3.4m / May 11th)


12th - Tyler Oakley (3.8m / August 13th)


11th - Marzia Bisognin (4m / February 4th)


10th - Dan Howell (4.4m / January 24th)


9th - Phil Lester (5.2m / January 24th)


8th - Lilly Singh (5.2m / March 10th)


7th - Jenna Marbles (7.4m / January 15th)


6th - Zoe Sugg (8.2m / February 23rd)


5th - Joe Sugg (8.2m / April 5th)


4th - Miranda Sings (12.7m / May 28th)


3rd - Fine Brothers (13.2m / January 22nd)


2nd - SMOSH (15.8m / January 16th)


1st - Markiplier (19.2m / March 2nd)