"It's So Easy To Get A Big Ego" FunForLouis On The YouTube Bubble

17 September 2015, 13:16 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

If we could swap lives with any YouTuber, Louis Cole would be one of our top choices. When the 32 year old set up his channel back in 2011, we dare bet he didn't expect it to turn into a daily vlogging channel with 1.5 million subscribers.

When YouTube becomes your career, how do you keep your feet on the ground? And what does Louis think people citing "fame" as a reason to start a YouTube channel? We had a catch up with Louis and discussed those very topics.

We The Unicorns: The concept of the "web celeb" is becoming more and more prominent. How does that make you feel?

Louis: I see more and more people wanting to become famous on YouTube and it's such an interesting debate. YouTube is absolutely an amazing opportunity but there is the threat of it being potentially damaging.


WTU: You mean things like trolling, right?

Louis: Suddenly if people are criticising you then you can totally take it to heart. But also, if are getting a lot of fame and popularity with your channel, I think you can easily get an imaginary belief of who you are and what's important.



WTU: We guess it's pretty hard to not get too big-headed?

Louis: YouTube can go to your head a lot and I think that's seriously unhealthy. Once you start getting approval from large groups of people and fans, you can get such an inflated ego.


WTU: And how can you combat that?

Louis: It's vital to stay grounded and not get too caught up in the bubble of YouTube and make sure you're using your platform to make a positive change. I'm so glad I got into YouTube a little later in life because I understand how the real world works a little more. If you manage to stay grounded and have friends around you that keep you grounded - even if you do become a "web celebrity"- then I think YouTube is genuinely an amazing platform to help people change the world.

WTU: Thanks, Louis!