5 Gabriella Lindley Videos That Are Actually Kind Of Terrifying

13 October 2016, 09:49 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

Bring back #PumpkinChatz.

Halloween is almost upon us and that means one thing and one thing only - some seriously spoopy videos hitting our sub boxes. One YouTuber that is known for her love of all things spooky and her terrifying (-ly good) tutorials is none other than the Queen of Halloween - Gabriella Lindley. After all, her YouTube name is VelvetGh0st.

And if you couldn't think Gabby - or 'GABBOWEEN' as her Twitter now claims - couldn't get anymore Halloween, then we're here to show you five of the spookiest VelvetGh0st videos to get you seriously ready for 31st October. From cute pumpkin collabs with Zoella to some pretty yummy Halloween goodies, you're sure to be in for a trick treat.


1. Four Easy, Last Minute Halloween Looks

If you need some last minute Halloween inspo then look no further. These four spooky looks are perfect for amateur Halloween-ers who need a costume idea pronto. Get your all black outfit on, grab some bat ears and your good to go.


2. Ask Zoe + Gabb

We've got to admit, we love any kind of #Zabby vid, so you can imagine our excitement when they collab-ed last year to do a special Halloween edition of a Q&A.; We're still praying for the hashtag #PumpkinChatz to return. It's be any day now...


3. Get Ready With Me: Halloween Angel Look

There's only one word to describe this look and that is TERRIFYING - okay, no, we mean perfect. This was Gabby's actual Halloween look back in 2015 and it got us all ordering our very own set of angel wings and silvery locks. We have a feeling they'll be making an appearance this October too...


4. Easy Halloween Treats

Seriously, what is Halloween without sweets? Gabby decided to treat us too some pretty spooky, yet incredibly yummy, Halloween goodies - including a ghost pizza?! Mind blown.


5. Halloween Tutorial: Dramatic Grunge

Honestly, Gabby is just the queen of tutorials. This grunge look just screams Halloween and is super wearable throughout ALL of October. We're feeling those witchy vibes every single day of the month... let's not keep this skill confined to just the 31st!


Which of these VelvetGh0st videos do YOU think was the most terrifying? Make sure to let us know in the comments because TBH, that 'Dramatic Grunge' look had us SHOOK.