People Think Gigi Gorgeous Had A Secret Baby & The Internet Is Shook

27 November 2017, 11:30

Gigi Gorgeous baby Nats Getty
Gigi Gorgeous with a newborn baby. Picture: Gigi Gorgeous // Twitter

By Josh Lee

According to her Instagram, Gigi Gorgeous just Beyoncéd a baby

YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous and her girlfriend Nats Getty have sent the internet into overdrive after sharing photos to Instagram that would suggest the couple have just had a baby.

On Sunday, Gigi tweeted a picture of the couple with a newborn baby. "Thank you to our beautiful surrogate," she wrote alongside the adorable photo.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, Nats shared a photo of her and Gigi Gorgeous with the same baby, captioned "our little angel"

💙Our little angel 💙 @gigigorgeous

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Gigi and Nats' followers were both excited and confused by the baby announcement

Considering that neither Gigi or Nats have mentioned that they were starting a family, the photos took a lot of people by surprised.

But some people aren't convinced that Gigi Gorgeous had a baby

We await a baby update from Gigi with EXTREMELY baited-breath.