Gigi Gorgeous And Nats Getty Shared A Topless Photo To Celebrate Engagement

14 March 2018, 14:43 | Updated: 14 March 2018, 14:53

Gigi Gorgeous and Natts Getty
Gigi Gorgeous and Natts Getty. Picture: Other

By Team Unicorns

After a fairytale engagement that very few people could ever hope of affording, Gigi Gorgeous and her fiancee Nats Getty are continuing the public love-in, this time with a beautiful photoshoot that sees the pair strip of to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

Shot by Ricky Middlesworth for Go Magazine, the pair's first photoshoot since their engagement sees Nats Getty and Gigi Gorgeous topless, captured in the midsts of an embrace. Check out just a few of the shots below:

Check out the full photoshoot at Go Magazine.