Grace Helbig Is The Life Coach You Need And Deserve

24 November 2015, 14:56 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

You know that feeling when you meet your soulmate and they seem to represent everything you've ever felt in life? That's exactly how we feel about Miss Helbig.

There comes a time in your life when you realise that everything is out to get you and it may indeed be safer to stay inside and double your subscriber count on YouTube. It happens to us all, just admit it.

But what happens when you have to step outside your comfort zone to try and integrate into the real world with all the rest of those... people?!

You're not the only one struggling with the daily chores of human existence, so don't suffer in silence. One of the most massively under-appreciated YouTubers knows exactly how you feel. Through the power of GIF wizardry, we can teach you some quick fire responses to moments in your life when you just want to run away and scream.

If you don't know her already, we have the absolute pleasure in presenting to you Miss Grace Helbig*.

*You knew this was coming. You saw the headline didn't you? Well aren't you the clever one. Can we just begin now?!


SCHOOL - School blows and we all know it. There's only one way to stick it to the man:


WORK - Now you're finished with school, surely now it's time to get to living? Nope. Full time job. Responsibilities. TAXES. Nope.


GOING OUTSIDE - We don't care if the sun is out. Inside is 100% where we want to be right now.


PARENTS - If it's not your grades they're dragging you for, it's your life choices or lack of. Just get off our case - we're not dead yet, are we?!


FORMAL OCCASIONS - You mean I can't wear my pjs and keep that dried food stain in my hair? Ugh. Why do people have to get married so often?!


SCHOOL DANCES - There are zero reasons to ever want to go to a school dance unless you're blessed with model looks and you haven't discovered Tumblr or Spotify. Go home everyone.


SEDUCTION - Some people are just too beautiful. Touch their faces, we promise it won't get you into trouble.


PARTY TRICKS - An amazing tactic for avoiding questions about our relationship status at family occasions to whip out shadow puppets. Helbig's version of the llama is our favourite.


SELF-CONFIDENCE - No one has it, so why fake it? Make it clear that no one loathes life more than you do and then you'll never feel anxious about others people's judgements!


MAKE UP TUTORIALS - We're sorry Michelle Phan, but make up does not work the way you promise it will. Hopefully however, it will never go as badly as it did for Grace...


FAMILY GET TOGETHERS - The agony of talking to distant cousins and overly-inquisitive grandparents is a hell second only to Satan's Kitchen itself. Just grit your teeth and make it through. It has to end at some point.


DATING - You've mastered Grace's seduction technique, now you need to keep wooing them daily. We can't think of any better way to love up your bae's than what Grace is doing below... try it out for us please.


NEW PHAN VIDEO - The greatest day of the week right?! Give it to us now and may it be over 30 minutes long as this moment must never end.


EMOTIONS - Emotions have to happen at some point. It's unfortunate. But just get it out in the open, climb back into bed, and forget the day never happened. Don't deny yourself feelings.


DRAMA - What is life without some juicy gossip? Call us thirsty, but nothing makes our day immediately better like some crazy YouTuber/Vine drama!


HATERS - You may hate the world, but what happens when it hates you back? Get sassy and spill that T.


LIFE IN GENERAL - At the end of the day, we're all trapped on this planet together. So lets sit back, subscribe to Grace and try to survive the next few decades without hurting each other. Sound good?


Oh Grace, you complete us.