GradeAUnderA Hates EVERYTHING And Here's Why

13 June 2016, 15:26 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Are you ready to get shady?!

YouTube drama is literally everywhere. With PewDiePie calling out KSI, Nicole Arbour attacking the vegans and Onision just being a generally hateful person, is there anyone on YouTube not losing their freaking mind?! Well, we've found a YouTube channel that not only can't stand everyone on YouTube, but actively drags everything else on the planet. No one is safe.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with GradeAUnderA who took to describe his YouTube channel in the following way; “I make well animated, high budget cartoon comedy videos ranting about stuff, with high brow humour and no 69 or 420 references. Very child-safe and friendly, like Minecraft videos. That’s a safe community for kids on YouTube right?". We'll let you come to your own conclusion about how "child-friendly" his videos are, but just a warning that these drags are 100% NSFW. Let's begin.


First things first, GAUA (which I will be calling him from now on because that name is too long to type out every single time) will be dragging parents - and why the hell not?! To be honest, he makes some pretty decent points, so y'all may wanna see this.


It's 2016 and who ISN'T dragging runway fashion, honestly. This is mostly a video about the fact he has his own t-shirts available to purchase right now, but GAUA also makes some solid observations about runway culture and well... fashion in general being a total mess?!


We really hope your name doesn't appear in this video, but PLEASE let us know in the comments if it does, because we're just waiting to meet a Pirate or Banjo. Also, keep this video in mind when you're older and need to name a child...


This is a bit of a stretch, but we've all had a rant about gift cards at some point in our lives - and if you haven't, then you're just lying to yourself. We've all had an unwanted gift before... but are gift cards one of them?! GAUA exposes the truth in one of our favourite drags.


In this video named 'Things I Find Stupid', GAUA gives us a rundown on why how naked old men, a regulated food schedule and people who use the word "motherf*cker" to describe themselves are literally the worst people on the planet.


This video is mostly in here because we've never seen anyone drag the freaking alphabet. THE ALPHABET. One of the things he hates the most is the letter 'K'... which we can't unhear now. The letter K is actually pretty useless.


Oh man do we relate to this one. Just speak normal words please, we're not all as clever as Russell Brand! If you can explain something to us in like, 3 syllables, then do it and don't waste all of our time.


And finally, let's have a bit of a laugh and watch GAUA give Nicole Arbour the drag of her lifetime. He goes so far as to point out her deleting evidence that totally contradicts all of her abusive relationship with Matthew Santoro, further proving that she's the worst human ever.


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