H3H3 have announced the the birth of their first child

6 June 2019, 13:42 | Updated: 6 June 2019, 17:25

H3H3 Productions
H3H3 Productions. Picture: h3h3Productions YouTube Channel

By Staff

The couple welcomed Theodore into the world yesterday.

Comedy duo H3H3 have announced the birth of their son, Theodore.

The pair - made up of married couple Ethan and Hila Klein - took to social media to announce the arrival of their baby on Wednesday (6th June) with a series of photos of both Theodore and new mum Hila.

“I love this photo. This is Hila immediately after giving birth. She looks radiant and beauty and made it look easy. Hila is my hero I love you,” Ethan wrote.

He then posted a close-up shot of the baby, adding: “And here is beautiful Theodore…”

Fan are obviously delighted at the news, with one commenting: “Congratulations Ethan and Hila and welcome Theodore to the world! Now you’re officially H3 !”

“He's legit the most beautiful newborn I've ever seen. Congratulations for both of you!!!” wrote another.

Ethan and Hila started their comedy channel as H3H3 in 2011 and current have 6.4 million subscribers.