The 13 Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials For Terrifying Your Friends And Family

10 October 2018, 16:42

Halloween Makeup
Picture: YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Ladies and gentlemen, the spooky season is upon us. Don't worry if you're stuck for makeup ideas, we have you covered!

Halloween is the best time of year and that is a fact. Crunchy leaves, the fashion, the spooky memes - need I even go on? But, as much as we all love a good Halloween costume party, sometimes deciding on your makeup for Halloween is one of the most stressful tasks of all. Why? Because we're not all makeup professionals, that's why!!

If you're struggling to think of good Halloween makeup ideas, or are looking for some easy Halloween makeup tutorials, you are in the right place. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best and easiest-to-follow tutorials for 2018 to get you HALLOWEEN READY so you can slay the day!

1) An easy mermaid Halloween makeup look is perfect for those who wanna go glam instead of gore this year.

If you aren't really looking to terrify every single person you meet, you can go glam instead of scary! This tutorial is very easy to follow and very very short, and the best bit is - you can use products you probably already have. Get your eyeshadow and fishnets out and become a beautiful mermaid.

2) This Devil Halloween makeup will have you looking FIERCE.

Look devilishly delightful with this next look, and transform into a ~sexy~ devil. Honestly, what is there not to love? Rock your pink eyeshadow, red lips (it's all about the lips), and then just drizzle a load of fake blood down your face. Add the horns and you're good to go! Also, that nose highlight POPS.

3) If you want to look like a creepy possessed doll, this is the one for you!

Move over Chucky, Annabelle is by far the scariest doll around, and if you're more into the scary side of Halloween like Cady in Mean Girls, this is the tutorial for you. A little bit cute, but mainly creepy, you'll be guaranteed to scare the pants off everyone - and isn't that what Halloween is all about?

4) For Maze Runner fans, SFX queen Emma Pickles has you covered.

Alright, maybe Maze Runner: The Death Cure wasn't the best film in the franchise, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up as a Crank. Don't tell me you didn't jump when they popped out from nowhere. They're still creepy af, and with Emma Pickles' in-depth tutorial, you can resemble your fave humanoid creature.

5) Look like the creepiest El Cucuy Scarecrow around.

A scarecrow isn't the most common costume around, but we can bring it back. This tutorial is easy to follow, and you don't need an insane amount of supplies to make this happen either! Minimum effort for MAXIMUM SCARE which is really what we are looking for.

6) If you have limited supplies, this easy galaxy-zipper tutorial is the one for you.

All you need is a zipper, some glue and face paint. Life doesn't get easier. Admittedly, not the scariest costume we've ever seen in our lives, but it's still impressive. Who else is going to have a whole entire galaxy on their face? No one, that's who. Own the whole entire party.

7) The Exorcist is a classic film, and here's how you can look like you're possessed by the scary Pazuzu himself!

We don't recommend killing priests (that's illegal), but that doesn't mean you can't look like the girl who did! By the end of this, you'll be looking so scary that you probably won't even be able to look in the mirror without jumping. That's the level of scary we are all aspiring to be.

8) This Darth Maul makeup tutorial is a great look for Star Wars fans!

Darth Maul is one the scariest faces in the franchise, and for a good reason. Horns? Scary. Red face? Scary. Scary eyes? DEFINITELY SCARY. You don't even need a lightsaber for this, just face paint and some horns, then you can go about scaring everyone you meet.

9) This summer's horror blockbuster can come to LIFE with this Nun/Valak makeup tutorial!

It doesn't matter if you thought The Nun was a scary film or not, there is absolutely no denying that the Nun, Valak, as a character is crap-your-pants terrifying. This is a little more advanced than the other tutorials, you will need to build yourself a new nose, but it's all explained very well and it's easy to follow.

10) Here's a GLAM take on a classic villain, The Joker.

The Joker and Harley Quinn as a couples costume is a little overdone, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up as the Joker. A glam version of the Joker, of course. This is less scary, and more of an option for those of you who want to actually look nice. It's a simple tutorial that'll have you looking fab.

11) Look like our fave American Horror Story villain, Twisty with this makeup tutorial.

He was creepy. He still is creepy. Remember that scene where his mask falls off? HAUNTING. You can recreate that terrifying image for all your friends and family with this tutorial! It's not insanely difficult, but even if you're finding it hard to follow, the outcome is definitely worth it.

12) Channel your inner Shakira and become a She-wolf.

There is some intense contour here, and I love it. Your cheekbones and eyes are going to look AMAZING. Again, this isn't a scary one, but man, you're going to look wonderful. Who said werewolves have to be ugly? Don't listen to them. This tutorial is brilliant.

13) If you want something that's more cute than creepy, this deer tutorial is perfect.

Big eyelashes, adorable freckles, and lips that could take on Kylie Jenner herself, this tutorial is SO cute. Halloween doesn't always have to be scary. Not every day give your elderly relatives a heart attack, maybe spare them this year. This tutorial is easy to follow, and you'll look hella cute at the end.

Are you excited for Halloween? Are you going to try any of these looks out? Let us know!