Alex Day Claims Hank And John Green Co-Wrote His Controversial Apology

26 September 2018, 16:47

Alex Day John and Hank Green
Picture: Alex Day and Vlogbrothers' YouTube Channels

By Chandni Sembhi

In his new book, Alex Day has said that Hank and John Green co-authored his public apology.

In his book, 'Living and Dying on the Internet', Alex Day has stated that Hank and John Green (more commonly known as the vlogbrothers) co-authored his apology to the women he allegedly abused.

Alex Day has been surrounded by controversy since 2014, when multiple women, including his ex-girlfriend Carrie Hope Fletcher came forward and said they they had been emotionally abused by Alex. Over 10 people have come forward with allegations.

Although he apologised in a now-deleted Tumblr post, many felt that it was all a little bit of a non-apology, and that he kept trying to justify his actions. He then returned to YouTube after 9 months with a shaved head and a video called 'The Past' where he attempts to explain his side, but ends up subtly victim blaming, and says he doesn't really care what people think of him.

When announcing he was writing the book, Carrie asked him not to include details of their relationship, and he declined, leading YouTubers to boycott the book.

He has documented how he wrote his apology in his book, saying he had help from John and Hank over a Google Doc, and that they basically gave him advice on keeping his career alive.


Alex tells the story like the Green brothers sided with him, telling him they hope it works out, and advising him on what to say. But after people read what happened and later asked Hank about it, he said that the whole conversation happened over a few weeks and that it took him a while to realise that he was a manipulative abuser - and not someone he could trust.


Since then, it doesn't look like either of the vlogbrothers have mentioned it since.

If they did co-write the apology, it's creating an environment where it isn't only YouTube as a website that allows alleged abusers to have a platform, but also YouTubers themselves. If Alex is lying, it's clear he hasn't learnt anything from what his alleged victims said about him manipulating people.

What do you think about Alex saying Hank and John co-wrote the apology? Do you think he's telling the whole truth?