Hannah Witton Talks Girl On Girl And Her YouTube Inspiration

18 March 2016, 13:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Will you be tuning in next week?

Announced this week is a brand new webseries exclusive to YouTube that covers a range of very taboo topics from sex, masturbation, feminism and martial values. The show, called Girl on Girl, is hosted by none other than one of our favourite YouTubers and the digital authority on all things sex, Hannah Witton.

Hannah spoke with We The Unicorns about her inspiration behind starting her YouTube channel as well as who else she would love to have on Series 2 of the show if they were lucky enough to be given more time in front of the camera. Before you read the full interview, make sure you check out the Girl on Girl trailer below!


First of all, what was the inspiration behind creating the series, Girl on Girl?

Hannah: The inspiration behind making the series was basically stuff I really wanted to talk about! I'd been working with Astronauts Wanted for a while on a different series and they asked me if I could have my dream show with them what would it be about? I sent them a list of ideas mostly about women, feminism and sex & then they came back to me with the concept of Girl on Girl!


Which was your favourite topic to discuss over the whole series?

Hannah: I think my favourite topic to discuss was what it means to "have it all". Going into the chat with Athena I definitely had one view about it and she really opened by eyes to different perspectives & challenged my idea of it entirely!




Is there anyone in the world you would love to have on an episode one day?

Hannah: I would LOVE to have Caitlin Moran or Lena Dunham on the show. That would be a dream!


Is there anything you'd love to happen because of the show? E.g. an open dialogue about gender/sex across the community? A second series? etc.

Hannah: I'd love for the show to encourage women to give themselves permission to feel what they feel, want what they want and think what they think. We're also hoping that someone picks it up so we can make more episodes!


Lastly, what is it that inspired you to originally begin your channel/new series and start talking about those taboo subjects in a very public forum?

Hannah: I was already angry about the state of sex education in schools before I started making videos but I wasn't sure why/what I could do about it. Then I started watching Laci Green videos.




Hannah's brand new webseries, Girl on Girl, debuts on YouTube on Monday the 20th of April with six episodes coming at you once a week until the end of the season. Make sure you subscribe and let Hannah know how incredible the show is!