Famous YouTubers Are Helping Students Cheat And Getting Paid For It

2 May 2018, 14:54

Adam Saleh
Adam Saleh. Picture: YouTube // Adam Saleh

By Josh Lee

Adam Saleh was one of the high-profile YouTubers named.

Over 250 YouTubers, including some high-profile influencers, are being paid to help their fans cheat in exams, according to a BBC investigation.

An investigation by the BBC found that hundreds of YouTube channels are promoting "EduBirdie," a Ukranian service that gives students the opportunity to buy essays. According to reports Popular YouTubers as young as 12 are encouraging their fans to try EduBirdie, typically by endorsing the product during their videos.

One high-profile vlogger who was found to be advertising EduBirdi is Adam Saleh, a British YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers. Other "popular" YouTubers, including a 12-year-old and 15-year-old were found to be promoting the product, but were not named in the investigation.

EduBirdie offers completed essays for sale. Picture: EduBirdie

"Call out" YouTubers involved.

The UK's Universities minister Sam Gyimah said YouTubers should be "called out" for promoting EduBirdie. He said, "It's clearly wrong because it is enabling and normalising cheating potentially on an industrial scale."

"This is something that is corrosive to education and I think YouTube has got to step up to the plate and exercise some responsibility here," he added.

Following the investigation, Adam Saleh and other YouTubers involved have removed the videos in which they promote EduBirdie.