Here's How Your Fave YouTubers Celebrated Bi Visibility Day

24 September 2018, 17:28

bi visibility day 2018 youtubers
Picture: Instagram

By Chandni Sembhi

Bisexual Visibility Day was yesterday, and here is what your favourite YouTubers had to say about it!

Bisexual Visibility Day aims to get people to not only recognise, but celebrate bisexual people, history, culture, and the community.

Some people used the day to talk about how important it is to recognise bisexuals and bisexual culture, and others used it to share memes #relatable.

  1. Here is what your favourite YouTubers had to say!

    Alayna/ MissFenderr was here for the support and self-love...

    So was Jessie Paege...

    And Thomas Sanders!

    Melanie Murphy shared her story

    Connor Manning reminded bisexuals to BE CAREFUL when committing crimes

    Jessie B reminded everyone that ALL bisexuals are valid

    As did Calum McSwiggan!

    RJ Aguiar gave you a handy tip in case you needed to summon a bisexual person

    YouTube wished everyone a happy Bi-Visibility Day

    And Andrea Russett shared how she became confident and comfortable after coming out as bisexual

Did you celebrate bisexual visibility day? If you did, how did you celebrate? Let us know!