How Did Zoella And Mark Ferris Meet? All Your Questions Answered

31 August 2016, 10:24 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:44

zoella and mark ferris

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Zoella and Mark.

Zoella and Mark Ferris are an icon pair- much like Tom and Jerry, Ant and Dec or Torville and Dean (ask your mum), the pair have become somewhat of a double act and fans can't get enough. When they're not getting up to mischief on Brighton Beach, the pair are all over Snapchat or filming collabs together. But how exactly did they meet? It seems you lot are dying to know, so we're going to fill you in. Because we're good like that.

Zoella and Mark Ferris first met in 2015.

Like some of the greatest friendships of all time, Zoella and Mark met through the Internet. On the 6th July 2015, Mark uploaded a video reviewing the Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity range - and thanks to the magic of social media, Zoella herself saw the video.


Mark Ferris In Zoella's Favourites Video

Zoe loved Mark's review so much of her Tutti Fruity collection that she put the video in her October favourites video. The video, uploaded on 9th November 2015, featured Mark's channel as one of her random favourites.

"I have been watching [Mark Ferris] now for about four or five months... I found his video because he reviewed my beauty products and when I was watching him I [thought] this guy reminds me of me,"Zoe said about Mark during the video. "I don't know what it was, I think we like a lot of similar things and I just feel like he has a really positive, happy energy and I throughly enjoy watching his videos."

"He gets around 500 views per video, which personally I think is nowhere near what he deserves. He's kinda like my little hidden gem, I just really enjoy his videos."

Cue Mark's subscriber number rocketing.


The Story So Far

Soon after, the pair met up IRL and have been inseparable since. Mark first appeared in Zoella's Vlogmas Day 5 video, where the pair hung out at Zoe's house and ordered Wagas - basically our ideal day.


The two have filmed a bunch of collabs and appeared in vlogs together ever since. Here are a few of our favourites:


So there you have it - the story of how Zoella and Mark Ferris met. Are they the ultimate YouTube best friends? Let us know in the comments below.