Who Is iDubbbzTV? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

30 January 2017, 14:39 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

You ready?

He's been gaining popularity on YouTube like crazy recently, but a lot of people still don't have a clue who iDubbbzTV is. So, to spare you hours of Google searches and Reddit threads, we've rounded up 10 vital facts you need to know about Ian and the legacy he's left on YouTube. You're welcome!


His real name is either Ian Carter or Ian Kovic. No one's really sure, which is a safe move on the Internet we guess.



He's frequently seen collaborating with the likes of MaxMoeFoe, Anything4Views and HowToBasic. He also starred as the "Green C***" in FilthyFrank's Pink Guy series.


You might recognise iDubbbzTV more as the face behind the "I'm Gay" meme.


Ian is currently 25 years old and was born in San Antonio, Texas.



When he started his YouTube channel back in 2012, he mostly uploaded gaming videos until his "Gaming News Crap" series became popular. Unfortunately, these videos are no longer on his channel. This is the earliest video still live:


That series eventually spawned the three types of video iDubbbzTV is most known for: Kickstarter Crap, Content Cop and Bad Unboxing.


Most notably, his Content Cop is a series of satirical videos aimed at bashing creators "acting in a controversial or disrespectful manner". So far he has focused on LeafyIsHere, Keemstar, Jinx and The Fine Bros. Rumour has it that his next one (at the time of writing) will be on Tana Mongeau.


His girlfriend, Anisa, goes by the alias "raihnbowkidz" and uploads regularly on YouTube - she has nearly 30,000 subscribers. She also recently quit Twitch streaming, which she explains more here:


Ian has two other YouTube channels: iDubbbzTV2 and iDubbbzGames with a grand total of 4,642,912 subscribers across all three.


To answer your most burning question, it doesn't seem like Ian has cancer. Rumours started after FilthyFrank shaved his head in the video Hair Cake, in which he donates all his hair to a, you guessed it, Hair Cake. WARNING: This truly does contain a lot of vomit.


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