Let These 10 Pieces Of Incredible Dodie Fan Art Bless Your Timeline And Your Soul

31 July 2017, 16:01 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Dodie Clark Fan Art

By Benedict Townsend

It turns out Dodie fans are ludicrously good at art - and here are the creations to prove it! Just ten examples of the kind of talent on show online

YouTube fans are some of the most dedicated on the planet - and also some of the most talented. We've popped over to tumblr dot com to find some of the best Dodie fan art we could find and oh boy was there a lot. Seriously, we have only included ten here but expect to see more in future cos Dodie fans are insanely good at art, it's wild. Take a look at these wonders:

This incredible digital painting by Rachel Kat Walsh

You can see more of her awesome art on her Instagram here.

dodie fan art

2. This wonderful Dodie Yellow inspired piece by sydsketch

But is it Dodie yellow in the picture tho?


3. This bubblegum dream from exarieus

Can we borrow a piece?


4. This gorgeous piece from ehihr

It has a graphic novel vibe we're here for.


5. We know why you love drawing Dodie - cos you're amazing at it!

Fun little pics from lily-blue-blue-lily.


6. This windowsill session from agentkarnstein

Who else suddenly wishes they were in New York?


7. This simple, yet elegant little animation from crysartdiary

Hypnotic, no?


8. holygrnd is sick of losing soulmates

This looks like it could be the crest of the coolest Hogwarts house ever.


9. When you can identify someone just from their eyebrows



10. Another wonderful creation from Rachel Kat Walsh

Reminder that you can see more of her awesome art on her Instagram here.