Jack And Dean Of All Trades is coming free to YouTube

20 November 2018, 18:00

jack and dean of all trades
Picture: Jack and Dean / Fullscreen
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

The hit series is making its way to YouTube

Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs original video series is making its way to YouTube.

The series previously lived on exclusive Full Screen platforms, but now all the episodes will be made available for free on YouTube. Nice!

An official press release says:

"Following fan demand, comedy double act Jack and Dean have agreed a peace treaty with streaming service Fullscreen that will gift both seasons of their hit, Streamy-Award nominated comedy series back to their fans. The series follows lifelong best friends, Jack (Jack Howard) and Dean (Dean Dobbs), as they attempt to hold down a series of temporary jobs, while dealing with an incarcerated girlfriend, a scheming sister, and a hidden bag of stolen money. The two seasons of twelve episodes will be available to watch for free, so all you have to lose is time, on Jack and Dean's YouTube channel as of Dec 1st."

Jack and Dean said: "We’re thrilled to finally unleash the series in its entirety with our audience, some of whom will have never seen the whole thing before. There are entire moments, running gags and references that have never been commented on - it’ll be like it’s new all over again. Handing the series over to our audience feels like the perfect way to let go of it. It’s yours now, we hope you enjoy it."

There's also a special fan screening

The series will have a special screening in London on Nov 27th. Viewers can enter and will be given the chance to attend the screening hosted by Jack and Dean, along with a festive special preview and Q&A. Tickets to the screening will be available online, on a first come first served basis from 5pm on Tuesday 19th November (that's already in the past, so get moving).

The first episode will be live on the Jack and Dean YouTube channel on Monday, December 1st, with other episodes following every other day across December.