Jackie Aina is being accused of using a "racist" slur in her eyeshadow palette

7 August 2019, 14:19 | Updated: 7 August 2019, 16:16

Jackie Aina on Instagram.
Jackie Aina is being accused of using a "racist" word in her eyeshadow palette. Picture: @jackieaina via Instagram

By Jazmin Duribe

Honestly, this is…a mess.

Jackie Aina is being defended by her fanbase after she was accused of naming a shade on her new palette after a "racist" slur. The popular YouTuber revealed that she had collaborated on a palette with Anastasia Beverley Hills on Sunday 4 August, before its online release on Tuesday 6 August and its US in-store release on Thursday 15 August.

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Jackie is known for speaking up against racial discrimination and colourism within the beauty industry and she said her palette was mainly for women with medium to dark complexions, who struggle to find their perfect shade of eyeshadow.

Watch Jackie's palette reveal here.

Jackie posted a YouTube video on her channel titled "Jackie Aina x ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Palette Reveal!", which featured a tutorial of a makeup look using her palette. She also explained the story behind all the shade names.

However, a shade called "Wiggalese" (a metallic cranberry red) started receiving backlash for being "racist". Apparently, some believe that it's a direct link to the slang word "wigger/wigga".

In case you didn't know, a wigger is a term used for a white person that copies certain mannerisms and language associated with black culture, Urban Dictionary reports.

Of course, Jackie's fans defended her against the criticism including Anastasia Beverly Hills' president Norvina, who confirmed she would never allow a racial slur to be used on an ABH palette.

Here comes the real tea, Jackie confirmed in her video what the word "Wiggalese" is really about and it's about…wigs, duh.

"So wiggalese is just basically legal jargon but basically the wig equivalent of that," she said.

Jackie Aina via YouTube.
Jackie Aina via YouTube. Picture: Jackie Aina via YouTube.

Jackie then went on to explain that while trademarking the term with lawyers, they asked her what it meant, and she replied: "You know the definition of legalese you just take that and apply that to wigs. You know the legalisation of something can be described as the wigilisation of something."


Jackie hasn't commented on the internet drama just yet but this seems like one big 'ol reach.