JackSepticEye Takes YouTube Hiatus For His Mental Health

17 July 2018, 11:22

JackSepticEye. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

JackSepticEye is taking a short YouTube hiatus to focus on his mental health, the YouTuber revealed in a vlog. With his total YouTube content output edging towards a whopping 4,000 videos (not to mention countless live streams), Jack is one of YouTube's most prolific creators. But with all that hard work comes the risk of burnout, and the need for a bit of R&R.

“For the last two weeks, I don’t think I’ve left my house at all to go do anything. I don’t really like doing that, and it gets to you after a while," Jack said in a vlog. "Doing the same videos over and over again kind of weighs you down.”

While he's only taking a few day's off, Jack's YouTube break represents a significant change for his fans, who have received a new video every day for the last five years, give or take the odd off-day.