JackSepticEye Shares "Proud" Transformation Pics After Hitting The Gym HARD

19 March 2018, 13:19 | Updated: 19 March 2018, 13:22

JackSepticEye shirtless
JackSepticEye shirtless. Picture: Twitter

By Team Unicorns

We're shook.

JackSepticEye has been putting the hours in at the gym, and judging from his latest snaps the hard work is seriously paying off.

The YouTuber revealed on Twitter that he had been working out every day since the start of 2018 in preparation for his upcoming tour (and maybe the odd TV appearance), to ensure he has the energy to meet the gruelling demands of a live show. And after losing 9kg (around 20lbs), Jack got shirtless on Twitter to celebrate.

"I am extremely proud of the results I've achieved," he wrote.

Jack sure is looking in peak shape. Markiplier better watch his back.

JackSepticEye shirtless
JackSepticEye goes shirtless to celebrate his body transformation. Picture: Twitter