Jaclyn Hill finally returns to YouTube and admits "failure" over lipstick launch

25 July 2019, 16:17 | Updated: 25 July 2019, 16:51

Jaclyn Hill returns to YouTube in 20 minute video
Jaclyn Hill returns to YouTube in 20 minute video. Picture: Jaclyn Hill YouTube/@itsv_82/Twitter

"This might be the biggest mistake of my entire career but that's okay." Jaclyn returned to YouTube in a 20-minute comeback video where she acknowledged mistakes in handling her June lipstick scandal.

In a year that has seen many a YouTube scandal messily play out on social media, Jaclyn Hill's lipstick debacle certainly stands out. The popular beauty guru was forced to defend herself in June after customers complained that lipsticks they ordered from her Jaclyn Cosmetics range had major quality control issues – including small fibres on the product, air bubbles and round balls in the bullet.

It's been over a month since Jaclyn Hill apologised and promised refunds to all her customers. Now, she has returned to YouTube with a video titled "Where I've Been," where she explained her month long absence from social media.

Jaclyn Hill comeback video
Jaclyn Hill comeback video. Picture: YouTube/Jaclyn Hill/Screenshot

"This might be the biggest mistake of my entire career but that's okay," Jaclyn said at the start of the 20 minute long sit down video.

Jaclyn returned to YouTube after a month off and didn't mince words, admitting that the launch of her Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipstick range was a "failure".

"My launch was a failure. It failed. It sucked," she explained. "I spent so much time hyping people up. I was way too over confident in my launch and I was not enough involved in quality control."

Jaclyn also admitted that she didn't have a big enough quality control team and revealed that she'd fired and hired "so many people".

Watch Jaclyn's 20 minute comeback video "Where I've Been" below.

While Jaclyn did cop to doing "a lot of things I should not have done", she also said she wanted "to move on" after the situation. Jaclyn also apologised for how she handled the initial complaints on Twitter.

Although Jaclyn was trending after posting the comeback video, reviews were definitely... mixed.

After deactivating her social media accounts following the initial controversy, Jaclyn has now returned to Instagram – though she remains off Twitter.