People Are Calling Out Jake Paul For "Copying" KSI's Song

17 August 2018, 11:15 | Updated: 17 August 2018, 11:18

KSI and Jake Paul
KSI and Jake Paul. Picture: Stuart C. Wilson // Frazer Harrison

By Josh Lee

On August 15th, just 10 short days before fight against Deji "Comedy Shorts Gamer" Olatunji, Jake Paul released a song and boxing-themed music video, called "Champion." But just one day after release, the song and Jake have come under fire for allegedly copying parts of KSI's 2016 song, "successful."

Fans are claiming that the hook in Jake Paul's song - where he raps "bitch I'm a fuckin' champion" - steals from the hook in Encore, where KSI raps, "Can I get a fucking encore?".

Randolph, who collaborated with KSI on "Encore" posted a video yesterday discussing the claims. Listen to the two snippets below and see what you think:

The similarities have lead to KSI's fans calling Jake out. "Way to rip off KSI's song, just goes to show how fake you and your brother have become," one fan wrote. "Dunno why you would make the same song as the king of England there is no point in competing," another tweeted.

Jake Paul has yet to respond to the plagiarism accusations.