This Jake Paul Viral Boxing Video Is Fake, Deji Claims

8 August 2018, 12:18

Deji accuses Jake Paul of faking viral training video
Deji accuses Jake Paul of faking viral training video. Picture: Deji // Jake Paul

By Josh Lee

KSI's younger brother is facing Jake Paul in the ring on August 25th.

YouTuber Deji Olatunji, A.K.A Comedy Shorts Gamer, has accused Jake Paul of faking a training video that recently went viral.

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On August 2nd, TMZ published "leaked" footage appearing to show Jake Paul pummelling an opponent out of the ring, during training for his upcoming fight with Deji. The video, which has been seen hundreds of thousands of times across YouTube and the wider internet, appears to show a Jake Paul at the peak of fitness, just weeks before he joins Deji in the ring on August 25th.

However Deji - whose older brother, KSI, is facing Logan Paul in the ring on the same night - isn't convinced by the footage's authenticity. Pointing out the moment where Jake's opponent falls out of the ring, Deji claims in a vlog published on August 4th that Jake's sparring partner "pushes himself out of the ring."

"Someone told me on the grape vine that you were rehearsing this six, seven times, and that you poured water over your head, just to look like you're sweating."

Calling Jake a "weird guy" in response to the footage, Deji pledged to knock Jake out in the third round."

"I can't wait for August 25th," he added.