Chance Sutton Just Revealed Why He Quit Team 10

16 May 2018, 11:28

Chance Sutton
Chance Sutton. Picture: Chance Sutton // YouTube

By Josh Lee

The YouTuber left Team 10 last week.

Chance Sutton has gone into detail about why he left Team 10 in a new vlog.

Why did Chance Sutton quit Team 10?

Speaking just a week after he first announced his departure from Jake Paul's YouTube squad, Chance insisted that "there was no internal drama,” contradicting recent reports that his leaving may have been connected to Jake's father Greg Paul taking on more responsibility within Team 10. He said that telling the team he was leaving "wasn't the best experience," but added that there were "no hard feelings."

"I wanted to focus on myself more, I have my own goals and visions that don’t line up with others," Chance explained in his vlog. “When you’re on a team, everyone has the same goals and visions," he added. "As time goes on, people change, my goals and views changed.”

Watch Chance explain his reasons for leaving Team 10 below: