YouTuber Cole Carrigan says he was “bullied” out of Jake Paul’s Team 10 house

22 July 2019, 15:25

Cole Carrigan / Jake Paul
Cole Carrigan / Jake Paul. Picture: Instagram: @colecarrigan / YouTube: Jake Paul

By Staff

Jake Paul, meanwhile, claims Cole was kicked out for being "lazy".

YouTuber and (now former) Team 10 member Cole Carrigan has claimed he was “bullied” out of Jake Paul's Team 10 house.

In a new video posted to his channel, Cole explains how a series of events escalated and left him kicked out of the house with nowhere to go after an argument with a Team 10 member Armani.

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He also criticises Team 10 for being over-critical of him and sensationalising events for clicks, as well as offering no support once he’d moved in, taking three months to provide him with equipment to film his videos and regularly letting hundreds of strangers into the house during parties, where Cole would find them in his room, among other things.

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“I just want to get one thing straight and clear right now. I still respect Jake so much, I will always respect him, I have so much love for him always and for everything he’s done for me,” Cole explains in the video, before explaining that he was the subject of regular abuse from other Team 10 members, which reached a breaking point one evening when event organiser Armani verbally abused him during an altercation after a night at a club that Cole hadn’t attended due to being underage at the time.

A voice recording shows Armani yelling at Cole, saying that he would call the police if he didn’t immediately leave the property.

“Meanwhile, he’s in my ear, calling me a f****t, saying all I do is paint my face, calling me a piece of shit, saying I’m trash, dirt, lazy, unproductive, selfish, egotistical,” Cole says. “ the point where I am bawling my eyes out.”

He said he texted Jake Paul to give his side of the story but that he never responded and he was left to leave the house with nowhere to go. He was then told by Jake that he had to go home to Texas for ten days to think about what had happened, but when he missed his flight, things escalated further.

The team spray painted “Get the fuck out of our house” over Cole’s mural and then Jake Paul uploaded a video filmed in front of it, explaining his version of why Cole had left.

Cole also claims his Instagram was hacked by Team 10, a video editor threatened to beat him up up and that he wasn’t given time to pack, so all his belongings were left outside the house in trash bags. He claims the Team 10 house was a “toxic environment” where no-one really liked or supported each other.

What has Jake Paul said about the incident?

In a video posted to Jake and Logan Paul’s joint channel, Jake Paul spoke about how Cole had been kicked out of Team 10 for being “lazy”.

“Cole Carrigan is going Alyssa Violet on Team 10 right now,” he said, explaining that he got the mural painted of Cole in the Team 10 house so he could use it as part of his YouTube videos.

“He wasn’t posting videos or filming any videos because he’s lazy. We painted it, we bought him lights, we have receipts, by the way. I am fucking over this bullshit of me giving fucking everything to these people who are at such a fucking small point in their careers, and I mentor them, I become their friend, I give them hugs when they’re crying…”

“They go onto social media to try and come at my name when I’ve proven time and time and Shane Dawson documentary and time again that I am a good person and I have literally done nothing but help these people. It’s fucking bullshit bro and it breaks my heart. When will it ever end? It’s just shitty, that’s what it is.”

It’s not the first time Jake Paul’s Team 10 has come under fire for kicking people out of their house - earlier this month two YouTubers claimed they were kicked out of a Team 10 party for being trans.