Jake Paul gives up on his documentary series after two episodes

14 February 2019, 15:34 | Updated: 14 February 2019, 16:53

jake paul documentary series
Picture: YouTube: Jake Paul
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Ah well!

Jake Paul is discontinuing his much-touted documentary series (about himself) after only two episodes.

Following Shane Dawson's hugely popular documentary series about Jake, the Everyday Bro himself decided to jump on the bandwagon try his hand at a documentary, announcing 'Jake Paul Uncut', which was to be:

"a raw look into my day to day life.... Nothing hidden, truths told, unscripted content you’ve never seen before".

Jake has said that he is no longer going to continue the series, because it:

"became too real for a lot of the parties involved,” he explains. “A lot of the parties involved didn’t want to have that much realness or that much content about their lives out there on social media.”

Now, originally this article was just going to be me dunking on the fact that he gave up on his series so fast, but the new video he posted to make this announcement is... surprisingly emotional. It's called "Dear YouTube, I’ve Been Hiding This From You..." and is probably the most interesting video he's ever posted.

Jake reflects on his past year talking about:

"loved ones leaving my life, Team 10 falling apart, this very emotional breakup that I've gone through and its kind of like left me in a weird state... not knowing what I wanna do, who I wanna be... where I am as a person emotionally."

I'd actually almost be tempted to say that this video gives you more of an insight into Jake Paul and his state of mind than Shane's whole series did - although undoubtedly it was Shane's series that started Jake towards this new path of self-reflection.

Jake talks about he feels he's "grown up in reverse", starting as a businessman and now learning to simply himself. He talks about a lot of his problems, especially in Team 10, came about because of his inability to connect to others emotionally.

Is this video sincere? Well it's always pretty impossible to tell with characters like Jake Paul, but from what I've watched of his output (which, I will note, is a depressingly high amount) this does feel like he means what he says here. It's interesting to watch someone who clearly struggles with introspection and self-criticism try to grapple with his own emotions and his relationships with other people.

Everyday Bro is still a terrible song, though.