'Give Kids Bulletproof Backpacks' - Jake Paul's Wild Ideas To Solve School Shootings

13 March 2018, 11:22

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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve

There's nothing that Jake Paul can't do, at least according to Jake Paul. The YouTuber, not content with dominating the world of video, has taken it upon himself to solve the problem of school shootings in the United States. Should be simple enough.

In a new video, Jake, who has a tattoo of a military style rifle on his left leg, discusses the Florida Parkland shooting and tries to find a way to break the cycle of violence that the US has found itself uniquely trapped in.

His video features a clip from controversial NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch and he also Facetimes with Senator Marco Rubio, who is famously opposed to almost all forms of gun control. This all speaks to Jake's confused political stance. He is clearly someone who naturally leans right wing, but who has found himself on a liberal platform (at least in the mainstream) and so is awkwardly trying to adjust.

Or he's just stumbling along with no real idea what he's doing, aside from the fact that he knows this is a hot button issue that will get him views. Depends how cynically you want to view things.

Here's how Jake thinks we can solve gun violence

Jake finally condensed his solution down into a series of suggestions that, oddly, do not feature any form of gun control or mental health care. It basically reads like something from the NRA website:

1. Give school children bulletproof backpacks. (Yes, really).

2. Classrooms should have bulletproof windows in their doors

3. There should be more armed security in schools

4. Social media companies should flag violent material. Jake cites the fact that Instagram actively censors posts with (female) nipples in them. He suggests they should do the same with posts from potential shooters.

5. Advanced security checkpoints in schools. Because hey, what's better than starting your school day with a ten minute frisk and search?

This didn't go down super well

SHOCKINGLY Jake's initial suggestions were the subject of a wave of derision, mainly due to them painting a picture of the most oppressive (and expensive) school of all time.

And so the YouTuber, ever persistent, came back with what are a surprisingly substantive, realistic and liberal, series of suggestions:

To be clear, these are still only baby steps towards solving the terrible problems of school shootings in the US. A problem, I remind you, that is not shared by any other developed country in the entire world. But is a big deal for an influencer of his... er... influence, to advocate for changes like this. His suggestions to completely ban gun shows, for example, is something not even the most ardent of Democrats are calling for, so you can't accuse him of not taking a stand.

He's not the first YouTuber to call for action on America's shooting epidemic - Markiplier also recently spoke out