Bella Thorne drags Jake Paul for seeing his ex Erika Costell behind Tana Mongeau's back

20 August 2019, 17:15 | Updated: 20 August 2019, 17:33

By Jazmin Duribe

It's all getting a little awkward now.

Bella Thorne just dragged Jake Paul on Twitter for not supporting his "wife" Tana Mongeau through her grandmother's death – and then grabbing a bite to eat with his ex.

Tana recently revealed that she'd had a family emergency which meant she wasn't able to go on her honeymoon with Jake. It was later revealed that her grandmother had sadly passed away.

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And then the worst happened, a photo of Jake at a restaurant with his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell surfaced on Twitter. The former couple split in November 2018 after dating for just over six months.

Bella Thorne on Instagram, Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau get married at Graffiti House.
Bella Thorne on Instagram, Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau get married at Graffiti House. Picture: @bellathorne via Instagram, Denise Truscello/Contributor

Keemstar shared the images and one Twitter user tweeted alongside them: "Jake has used all the clout he can from @tanamongeau so now he's over it and moving on to newer scandals that will bring him clout. @bellathorne help us get hot girl summer Tana back!!"

Bella, who was in an open relationship with the Tana Turns 21 star until February 2019, then tweeted back: "While her family is going thru some shit... not a good look jake [sic]." Yikes.

Things got a little stickier for Jake when Tana headed onto Bella's Instagram Story and revealed that she only found out about Jake and Erika's "date" on Twitter. She then sung a song to the tune of Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next'.

"Thought I’d end up with Bella, yet it wasn’t a match," she sang. "Wrote some songs about Hunter, now I listen and laugh. Even actually got married and for Jake I’m so thankful, except when he goes out to lunch with his ex and I find out on Twitter."

Tana and Jake only tied the knot last month in an expensive Las Vegas ceremony. However, their marriage is not legal.

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i’m probably gonna be posting wedding photos longer than we’re married for but i felt like i had to start with these- these photos were taken minutes after someone literally threw an entire drink at us at the fucking altar. obviously, like everything happening at this wedding- that wasn’t apart of my plan (or any ideal for a regular wedding). but somehow amidst all of the chaos and cameras, we grabbed eachother’s faces and the second we both locked eyes and smiled... it made it all better. everything was okay. if not, better. it kinda set the tone for everything we’ll go through together. probably not easy, or conventional, but throughout all of the chaos, if we can just grab eachother, the world stops spinning for a second. i’m never really prepared for what might be thrown at us but i’m happy i get to deal with it with my best friend by my side. it’s a beautiful thing that every single time someone wants to take the power away from us and put us down, we are able to come together and let positivity & love help us power through that. i wouldn’t have wanted to marry you in any other unconventional fucked up way, Jake. I love you. 7.28.19. ❤️ (apologies in advance for the amount of pictures i’ll post over the next week)

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Is this the end of Jana?! 😢