Jake Paul Explains Why He Is An Important Role Model For Children In New TV Appearance

20 March 2018, 15:33 | Updated: 20 March 2018, 15:41

Jake Paul on Good Morning America
Jake Paul on Good Morning America. Picture: GMA

By Josh Lee

Jake Paul reckoned with his past mistakes on Good Morning America.

Jake Paul has said that kids "need" role models like him in a new interview.

The YouTuber, who leads the YouTube group Team 10, was speaking to Good Morning America today about the backlash he's received over the past 12 months, as well as his recent foray into gun control advocacy when he made the comments.

Discussing his huge following of over 14,000,000 YouTube subscribers, Jake said it was "an honour and a responsibility" to have such a large platform, but added that at times he had taken content too far. He said: "When there's a lot of people watching you and you're getting a lot of views, sometimes you wanna... take it up to the next level, and you have to know where that level is."

Jake Paul made headlines in 2017 due to his reckless behaviour and extreme pranking, which led to his neighbours threatening legal action. Team 10 eventually relocated after numerous complaints.

Jake Paul: "I'm an imperfect role model"

Speaking to GMA's Michael Strahan, Jake said that he saw himself "as a role model, but like an imperfect role model." He claimed that this was more valuable to young people than someone who seems "perfect from the outside" because "kids in school are... going to get bullied, they're gonna maybe get a detention," and "need to be shown how to deal with that and to always think positively and just keep your head up."

Despite Jake's past controversies, the YouTuber insists his commitment to advocating for gun control. Jake told Strahan that it's "stronger" for someone like him who has grown up around guns to come out for gun control

Watch the full interview below: