This Major Rapper Is Getting ROASTED For Collabing With Jake Paul

24 November 2017, 11:33

Jake Paul Gucci Mane
Jake Paul x Gucci Mane. Picture: Jake Paul // YouTube

By Josh Lee

Gucci Mane's feature on Jake Paul's "It's Every Day Bro" hasn't been received well by his fans.

Gucci Mane is getting heat online after featuring in a remix of Jake Paul's "It's Every Day Bro".

On November 22nd, Jake shared the music video to the remix to YouTube. And while Gucci's clout may have provided Jake with a little credibility, over on team Gucci, the collaboration was received about as well as a beehive to the face.

On the day of the release, Gucci tweeted, "I was focused on getting paid now I'm focussed on getting smart." Naturally, the tweet opened a floodgate of fans asking whether featuring on a Jake Paul song was about getting paid or smart.

People really weren't happy with Gucci Mane for collabing with Jake Paul

One fan called the duet "probably the worst thing to happen in hip hop history," while another said Gucci needed to take a "giant L" for featuring on the Its Every Day Bro remix

Although, of course, Jake Paul's fans LOVED the Gucci remix