We're Pretty Sure Jake Paul Is Pretending To Be Hacked For Attention

18 December 2017, 10:47

Jake Paul
Jake Paul. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Anything for views.

Team 10 leader Jake Paul spend much of Saturday reacting to an alleged hack attack on his YouTube channel - but if you ask us, it all seems a little bit... untrue.

On December 16th, someone "hacked" "broke into" Jake Paul's YouTube and Instagram account, and shared a now-deleted video threatening to release videos, photos and messages to expose Jake. This alleged "person" was apparently upset that they'd not been allowed to join Team 10 (but somehow had access to Jake's passwords). The hacker used voice-changing technology to mask their voice in the video, and a creepy Jake Paul mask to mask their face.

After the "hack", Jake uploaded a fairly unconvincing video to Twitter, in which he told fans, "All my shit's hacked. Just ignore all the posts and stuff if you can, we're contacting YouTube and Instagram."

But shortly after Jake Paul got "hacked", people began to notice little issues with what was allegedly taking place.

One viewer noticed that the Jake Paul mask seen in the now-deleted hacking video was the exact same mask that was seen on Alex DeLena (girlfriend of Chance Sutton) Instagram story - which was filmed in the team 10 house.

People are generally unconvinced

It wouldn't be the first time Jake Paul faked a drama for attention

Earlier this year it was revealed that Jake's "relationship" with Erika Costell was a fabrication. Jake even revealed that his social media persona was a bit of a construction too.