Jake Paul Uses The N Word Twice In This Leaked Video Of Him Freestyling

5 January 2018, 14:19

Jake Paul
Jake Paul. Picture: TMZ

By Josh Lee

This isn't the first time Jake has been criticised for racially insensitive language

Footage showing Jake Paul appearing to use the N-word twice during a freestyle rap has emerged online.

Entertainment website TMZ shared the footage during a week of controversy for both Jake and his brother, Logan Paul. Jake has been under fire this week for using a sexually inappropriate thumbnail in a vlog, while Logan has been placed on a self-imposed YouTube break after he shared a video containing footage of a suicide victim's body to YouTube.

In the video, Jake appears to rap the lyrics "little n*ggas. and "I whip it like my n*gga Richie Vetter," over the beat from Rae Sremmurd's "Throw Sum Mo."

This isn't the first time Jake Paul has been caught allegedly using the N-word

In August 2017, Jake was forced to address old tweets from him that contained the N-word, which he chose to do via Diss Track.

Jake is yet to comment on the most recent n-bomb controversy.