Jake Paul VS KSI: Forget Boxing, Who Has The Most Social Media Clout?

6 February 2018, 16:09 | Updated: 6 February 2018, 16:26

KSI vs Jake Paul
KSI vs Jake Paul. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

With the war of words between KSI and Jake Paul heating up, we take a look at who would win in a fight of social media clout.

Fresh off the back of his victorious boxing match against Joe Weller, KSI has already picked a new challenger: Jake Paul.

While shovelling the proverbial popcorn down our throats as the two trash-talk it out on Twitter, we began wondering who would win in a fight between KSI and Jake Paul?

Now, we don't now much about boxing. But we DO know a lot about social media clout. So, because violence isn't the answer, we decided to throw a little boxing match between KSI and Jake Paul of our own. But instead of letting their fists do the talking, we're weighing in their social media prowess.*

*We The Unicorns apologises if this isn't the correct way to make a boxing reference. We're not sporty people.

We've looked at seven key clout areas to determine who is the real heavyweight champion when it comes to social platforms. Who will win? Let's find out.

Round 1: Subscriber count

KSI - 17,540,410

Jake Paul - 13,338,517

Result: KSI - 1 // Jake Paul - 0

Round 2: Total video views

KSI - 3,860,033,496

Jake Paul - 3,537,190,111

Result: KSI - 2 // Jake Paul - 0

Round 3: Views on most recent video

KSI - 866,630

Jake Paul - 5,626,467

Result: KSI - 2 // Jake Paul - 1

Round 4: Subscriber growth

KSI 195,397 in the last 30 days

Jake Paul - 583,151 in the last 30 days

Result: KSI - 2 // Jake Paul 2

Round 5: Twitter followers

KSI - 4,002,000

Jake Paul - 22,000

Result: KSI - 3 // Jake Paul - 2

Round 6: Estimated YouTube earnings (according to social blade)

KSI - up to £166.8K a month

Jake Paul - up to £546.3K a month

Result: KSI - 3 // Jake Paul - 3

Round 7: Substantial projects outside of vlogging

KSI - Two chart-topping EPs, leading role in a film, a successful boxing match and two books

Jake Paul - It's Every Day Bro, Bizaardvark

Result: KSI - 4 // Jake Paul - 3

And the winner is... KSI!