Jake Paul confronts Lil Xan for cheating on Tana Mongeau in his new video

22 May 2019, 16:02

Jake Paul Lil Xan
Jake Paul Lil Xan. Picture: YouTube: Jake Paul

By Rachel Finn

The drama continues.

Earlier this month, Jake Paul sparked rumours he was dating Tana Mongeau after a series of posts and a video suggested that he was her “rebound” after she split up with her ex Brad Sousa.

But for his latest video, he tries to get to the bottom of all that drama surrounding the rumour that Tana’s ex Lil Xan cheated on her when they dated a year-and-a-half ago.

Getting a moment with the rapper in-between takes, Paul asks Lil Xan to give his side of the story, saying: “So Tana and I used to have a thing… we still have a thing. I dunno, we’re still trying to figure it out. But she said that you cheated on her, bro, what’s the true story?”

In case you missed it - Tana previously made a 46-minute video called ‘the time Lil Xan cheated on me + why Noah Cyrus HATES me’ in which she talks about her brief relationship with the rapper and describes an awkward run-in with Noah Cyrus, who dated Lil Xan after her, at the 2018 VMAs. "I deff don't hate you…” Noah later tweeted in response. “Let's hang out and talk about how bitch girls are to other girls. dm me."

In Paul’s video, Lil Xan had the following to say about it all and, to be fair, it’s not really that much of an explanation.

“Well I heard that she made a video about me… shout out to Tana, we love you,” he said. “She made a video about me and why Noah Cyrus hates her and I really don’t understand the video to be honest. I just don’t understand it. I’m glad you said some nice things about me on top of all the bad shit you said about me… Yeah, we were just young. That’s all we were doing Tana, come on.”

Well, ok, then.

In other Jake Paul news, a house party he held at his house for rapper Desiigner’s birthday earlier this month is being investigated by the police after some attendees were allegedly drugged.