The Martinez Twins Just Quit Team 10 After Accusing Jake Paul Of Bullying

13 November 2017, 11:25

Jake Paul Martinez Twins
Jake Paul and Martinez Twins. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

More controversy hits YouTube's biggest social media squad.

Ivan and Emilio Martinez have accused Jake Paul and the rest of the Team 10 gang of bullying in an explosive new video.

The Spanish twins had recently taken some time away from the house. But in a video shared on November 10th, the Twins explained that this was because their relationship with the group had soured.

While the Twins had initially been excited to join Team 10, they alleged that their language barrier gave rise to bullying in the house.

"We used to love you Jake, and we used to love Team 10," Ivan says. "But not anymore."

"We're awake now," Emilio adds. "We know everything... you're a bully."

Various members of Team 10 took to social media to express their shock at the bullying allegations. Chance Sutton said the allegations "truly hurt," while Nick Crompton said he was "confused, upset and disappointed."

Team 10 refuted the allegations in a statement shared to Twitter

Describing the allegation of bullying a "shocking", the statement claim that the Martinez twins were planning content with Team 10 members as little as two weeks ago. The statement also alleges that Jake and Nick took care of the Twins when they first arrived in America.

"We are all heartbroken to lose two members of our family," the statement reads. Jake is particularly hurt by this, he was the one who found them and put his time and resources into getting them to here they are now."

Emilio described the statement (which you can read below) as "lies."

The Martinez Twins aren't the first Team 10 members to quit the house.

Earlier this year, former member Max Beaumont walked away from the social media group following allegations of assault made against YouTuber Faze Banks by Jake Paul's assistant Meg Zelly.

After the twins spoke out against Jake Paul, Max tweeted, "Boys I fucking love you, so happy you're happy and glad we reconnected"