Who Is Jake Paul's Mom?

2 October 2018, 13:56 | Updated: 3 October 2018, 12:21

jake paul mom Pam Stepnick
Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Meet the mom behind the Paul Brothers.

When it comes to the Paul's, YouTube is a family affair. As well as both Jake and Logan Paul forging vlogging careers, their parents are also firmly online, with Greg posting under the name 'Vlogdad' (though his channel has been dormant for nearly a year) and often appearing in his son's videos, and their mother Pam vlogging under the name 'Vlogmom'.

Today we're going to take a closer look at Pam, often the forgotten member of the Paul clan. She was brought to the world's attention during Part 3 of Shane Dawson's blockbuster documentary series 'The Mind Of Jake Paul', leading to a whole range of reactions - but before we get to that, let's acquaint ourselves with Pamela Stepnick.

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Who is Pamela Stepnick?

Pamela Stepnick is the mother of Jake Paul and Logan Paul. She was previously married to their father, Greg Paul, but according to Jake's 'Draw My Life' video, the couple separated a few years ago. She now goes by her maiden name - or the name 'vlogmom'.

She started her own channel in 2017.

The channel already has over 800,000 subscribers, due in no small part to her tendency to involve her sons in her videos or to weigh in on their various tedious drama.

She refers to her viewers by various adorable names, like 'Pamsters' or 'the Pamily'. Bless.

Her appearance in 'The Mind Of Jake Paul' has sparked conversation.

In Part 3 of 'The Mind Of Jake Paul', entitled 'The Family of Jake Paul', Shane Dawson pays particular attention to Pam, observing that she seems to be a little distant from the Paul brothers.

Viewers are torn over whether Pam is a sympathetic person or not.

What did you think of Part 3 of 'The Mind Of Jake Paul'? Do you think Pam was fairly represented?