Nick Crompton Just Dragged Jake Paul's Dad After Quitting Team 10

11 May 2018, 11:53

Nick Crompton, Jake Paul and Greg Paul
Nick Crompton, Jake Paul and Greg Paul. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

The former Team 10 member called Greg Paul out on Twitter.

It's been a wild week for Team 10, with three key members of Jake Paul's social media squad exiting the group in the space of just two days. While Nick Crompton, Chance Sutton and the team's Head of Engineering Drake Rehfeld insisted the split was relatively amicable, it appears as though Nick Crompton has some personal issues with someone now at the heart of Team 10's operation - Jake Paul's dad.

What's going on with Team 10?

Earlier this week, we reported that an unnamed source said Jake's father Greg Paul had fired a number of behind-the-scenes Team 10 staff after auditing the company, which allegedly prompted Nick Crompton to depart, followed by Chance Sutton. Now, in an explosive Tweet, Nick has publicly accused Greg of verbally abusing Team 10 staff.

Responding to a Tweet from Greg in which he tried to downplay rumours of discontentment in Team 10 following Greg's audit, Nick said, "Nobody had an issue with you auditing... people had issue with being verbally abused, watching their coworkers be fired around them and not being kept in the loop."

Nick went on to warn Greg against attacking himself or other Team 10 members - past and present - on Twitter: "Everytime [sic] you publicly post to try make myself or the team look bad, I will respond," Nick said.

Neither Jake or Greg have responded to Nick's tweet.