Nick Crompton Just Quit Team 10

5 May 2018, 09:51 | Updated: 5 May 2018, 09:55

Nick Crompton
Nick Crompton. Picture: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

By Josh Lee

Nick was the social media squad's Chief Operations Officer

Nick Crompton has left Team 10

Nick, who was the Chief Operations Officer for Jake Paul's infamous social media squad, announced his decision to quit Team 10 in a statement to Twitter on 5th May.

Why did Nick Crompton leave Team 10?

According to Nick's statement, he decided to quit "due to internal changes being made within our various businesses that I don't agree with."

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While a number of former Team 10 members have left following arguments or fallings out with Jake Paul, it appears as though Nick has left amicably. He wrote,"[Jake Paul] is one of the most kind hearted and generous people I know. There's a whole side of him that the public rarely gets to see. I try [to] keep my distance from 'drama' which is why I almost never comment on it but I would like to say that 99% of what you read about him is hilariously untrue."

Read Nick's full statement below: