Jake Paul Just Got Into A Twitter Fight With A Fast Food Chain

13 September 2018, 11:03

Jake Paul
Jake Paul. Picture: Getty

By Woodrow Whyte

Jake Paul, fighting for buffalo wings since 2018.

Jake Paul has been blocked by a fast food chain on Twitter for ordering buffalo wings.

After Jake started trending online yesterday (Sept 12) following the news that he is to be the subject of a new Shane Dawson documentary series, fast food chain Pluckers' social media intern decided to ride the wave with a tweet that said: "oh no jake paul is trending. i'm going to pluckers to avoid that nonsense".

Why Does Everyone Hate Jake Paul?

Not a bad idea. When I see Jake Paul trending, I tend to opt for some hard boiled eggs. But that's just me.


Jake responded to the tweet, "can I get a 12 piece buffalo wings please?" Jake soon received a harsh and swift reply from Pluckers: "No". And then they blocked him.


People are literally gagging at this wild Twitter exchange.

Pluckers are pure savages.

Jake retweeted the exchange on his Twitter page, so we assume he saw the funny side of it. Bet he wishes he could taste those heavenly looking buffalo wings, though.