Jake Paul Reacts To Logan's Return To YouTube

26 January 2018, 11:06

Jake Paul and brother Logan Paul
Jake Paul and brother Logan Paul. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Jake has weighed in on Logan's return to YouTube

Jake Paul has given his verdict on Logan Paul's return to YouTube.

Yesterday evening, Logan Paul returned to YouTube after a three-week break, following huge backlash against a vlog he shared to YouTube that featured footage of a suicide victim's body. While the wider YouTube community was divided over whether Logan was trying to genuinely make amends of just save face, one creator has, unsurprisingly, come out in support of him - Logan's brother, Jake Paul.

"Couldn't be more proud of you and your commitment to learning from this experience," Jake tweeted in response to the video.

Jake had previously conceded that Logan "didn't handle the situation the right way," but assured the public that he was "honestly, truly, truly sorry."