Jake Paul Breaks His Silence Over Team 10 Departures

14 May 2018, 12:17

Jake Paul
Jake Paul. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

"Sometimes all those stars don't align for some people"

Jake Paul has finally reacted to the recent string of departures from his social media group, Team 10.

Questions about the future of Team 10 were raised last week after two key YouTubers - Nick Crompton and Chance Sutton - as well as Team 10's Head of Engineering, quit the group within days of each other. Given the popularity of Nick and Chance, and their apparent closeness to Jake, fans were surprised to see the two of them quit.

This weekend, Jake broke his silence, and offered fans an explanation as to why YouTubers have been leaving Team 10.

Explaining that he waited to discuss the issue "so I can talk to you guys without a bunch of emotions involved," Jake acknowledged that the recent walk-outs were "bumps in the road," but assured fans they had nothing to worry about.

"I think as team 10 grows, as individuals grow, as I grow, sometimes all those stars don't align for some people," Jake continued. "And that happens not only in businesses - which is what team 10 is - but it happens in relationships, it happens in marriages..."

Jake went on to pay tribute to Team 10, saying it had "created so many amazing people... whether they're sill on the team or not."

Watch Jake talk about YouTubers quitting Team 10 below: