Shane Dawson Re-shoots Jake Paul Documentary Following Backlash

1 October 2018, 15:12

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson. Picture: Shane YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Shane Dawson is re-shooting parts of his Jake Paul documentary following backlash over treatment of people with antisocial personality disorder.

YouTube's hottest documentary maker, Shane Dawson, has been DEEP in drama in the last week, after concerns raised about the second part of his Jake Paul docu-series. Even Jake's brother, Logan Paul, called Shane out about the documentary's misleading nature.

The second episode of his documentary looked into the psychology of being a sociopath, how they act, and how they manipulate people. Many people called out the episode for appearing to demonise Jake Paul by likening him to a sociopath. Shane also used creepy music in the background of certain scenes, and Jake's videos spliced with sociopathic images or footage, which some pointed out made the documentary seem like a horror film.

Following the backlash, Shane has now announced on his Twitter that he is re-shooting parts of the series to address concerns regarding his treatment of sociopaths and people with antisocial personality disorder.

After the huge backlash, Shane apologised and said he would address issues. He explained that he went overboard with his editing, and that he will try and be more sensitive in the future. The first step to being more sensitive is Shane re-filming parts of the documentary, presumably to avoid including anything which could further demonise Jake Paul, or be offensive to people living with Antisocial Personality Disorder.

The third instalment of the documentary is being released tonight (Oct 1), and hopefully it will have a lighter tone, with a focus more on Jake Paul himself (who we aren't even going to see until the 5th part) than sociopaths in general.

Watch the second episode of the documentary series below.

Do you think Shane needs to be more careful with how he edits these videos, or do you think that viewers are being too sensitive? Let us know!