People Are Having Second Thoughts About Jake Paul After Shane's Latest Video

2 October 2018, 15:44

The Family of Jake Paul
Picture: The Family of Jake Paul

By Chandni Sembhi

Episode three of Shane Dawson's Jake Paul documentary has got people in their feelings about Jake Paul.

We all remember the backlash that documentary legend Shane Dawson received for saying he was going to make a documentary with the controversial Jake Paul, right?(Of course we do, it was like, last month...) People were saying that they didn't want Shane to make a documentary that would make people feel sorry for Jake, because they thought he was awful. In turn, Jake tweeted that he wants to be as honest as possible, and Shane LOVED it.

After last night's (Oct 1) episode, 'The Family of Jake Paul', THE TABLES HAVE TURNED. Three episodes into the eight-part series, Shane is still being critical of Jake, but people are now starting to feel sorry for him! The internet truly is a magical place.

Yes, friends, people are genuinely starting to feel sorry for Jake Paul, the wild and controversial YouTuber.

If you're thinking "why the hell are people feeling sorry for Jake? Did he not set fire to furniture in a pool?", let me give you a little recap of what's happened in the family-focused episode.

Jake's controversial brother Logan Paul made an appearance, said he thinks he might be on the 'sociopathic spectrum', and defended Jake, saying that he's empathetic and that's a trait he's always envied. Following backlash, Shane also made sure that the idea of being a sociopath was portrayed generally less negatively, as more as an actual disorder that people struggle with.

The general thoughts and feelings are that Jake is a product of his environment. A lot of people are placing the blame on his father and how he appeared to have brought up Jake and Logan in a competitive environment where they were punished heavily for their mistakes, and made to feel like they weren't good enough.

YouTube comment on The Family of Jake Paul
Picture: The Family of Jake Paul video

As always, the internet is a very diverse place with a multitude of opinions, so some people aren't hopping on the Jake Paul sympathy train.

Watch the documentary below and let us know what you think.