Jake Paul blames social media for 'skyrocketing depression rates'

19 August 2019, 14:36

Jake Paul
Jake Paul. Picture: Rich Fury/Getty Images // Denise Truscello/WireImage

By Rachel Finn

“Social media makes people insecure and gives them an outlet to drag other people down..."

Jake Paul has spoken out about social media, calling blaming it for “sky rocketing depression rates”.

The YouTuber may not exactly be known for his humble and modest persona on social media, but in a recent message to his 3.6 million Twitter followers, he spoke out about how social media can breed insecurity.

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“Social media makes people insecure & then gives them an outlet to drag other people down because of there [sic] insecurities,” he wrote.

“Hence a never ending cycle,” he added. Hence the sky rocketing depression rates.”

In response, fans have been sharing their stories and opinions on how social media affects their lies.

One added to Jake’s Tweet: “Or compare their lives to influencers who seem to have it all. But really deep down aren’t happy. It’s a never ending cycle on both ends.”

Another added: "One thing I really like to do is go around and comment nice things to people. It helps to make me feel happy and hopefully brighten someone else’s day. It has to be a genuine comment though. Like this: I think Jake Paul is a very kind person who gives a lot of himself to others.”

Someone else suggested: “Society is where it started. social media just made it easier to hate and compare ourselves. let’s talk about overcoming the mental prison we’re in so we can transcend and welcome prosperity and peace into our lives.”

No doubt social media has its downsides, but Jake Paul definitely uses it to his advantage. Last week he shared a photo on Instagram of himself on a private jet with the caption “felt cute might delete later”.

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felt cute might delete later

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But even though we most definitely don’t have a private jet to post to our Instagram, it’s good to hear about how the pressure of looking like we have an ‘exciting’ life online can affect all sorts of people.