Jake Paul Insists He's NOT A Sociopath After Shane Dawson's Documentary

26 September 2018, 12:31 | Updated: 26 September 2018, 12:36

Shane Dawson Jake Paul
Picture: Jake Paul's YouTube Video

By Chandni Sembhi

Jake Paul is insisting that he isn't a sociopath, following claims made in Shane Dawson's documentary about him.

Shane Dawson has released the first part of his documentary series, 'The Mind of Jake Paul', and it's got the internet wondering if Jake Paul is a sociopath.

What is a sociopath, we hear you cry? Shane defines it as someone without a sense of morality, who can't tell right or wrong, doesn't know when to stop, enjoys manipulating and hurting people, and thinks they're better than everyone.

However, Jake tries to set the record straight in his latest video, 'Pls Watch This Before Shane Dawson's Series...'. In his pre-emptive response, Jake claims he knew Shane wanted the main focus of the series to explore the possibility of him being a sociopath, and he was fine with that. However, he hasn't been involved in any of the editing, so doesn't know how he'll come across. He then tried to clear things up by saying "even though it's about this 'sociopath' thing, I know I'm not a sociopath".

Jake encouraged fans to go into it with an open mind, regardless of you feel about him, and that he knows that there are going to be things in the documentary that he doesn't like, or irritate him, but the only way to be a better person is to acknowledge those things and accept who you are.

Watch Jake's video below:

If you're wondering what Jake has done to earn himself a 'sociopath' label, Shane claims YouTubers in general must have some sort of disorder, generally being a little narcissistic, but Jake is something else. Shane talks about how Jake allegedly started dating his ex Alissa Violet after telling her that he could turn her into a successful model, and it seems to be a similar story with his current girlfriend, Erika Costell.

As well as emotionally manipulating Team 10, there are rumours that he takes 20% of their earnings, and that the members all pay to join, and get fined for things like not being up by 10am to film a video - with all of this in a contract they sign upon joining the team. He's been physically abusive towards Team 10 and laughed about it. He's started rumours about people he doesn't like, saying FaZe Banks assaulted his assistant. His neighbours have said that he's always performing dangerous stunts and doesn't appear to care for other people's safety. His classmates said he bullied them. He hasn't apologised for any of this, and doesn't even appear to feel bad for anyone. Shane highlights all of these incidents in the documentary and asks whether they are clear signs of sociopathic behaviour.

Let us know what you thought of the first part of Shane's documentary, and about Jake's response.

Watch the first part of 'The Mind of Jake Paul' below: