Jake Paul addresses rumours he cheated on Tana Mongeau during solo honeymoon

16 August 2019, 13:52

Jake Paul has addressed Tana Mongeau cheating 'rumours'
Jake Paul has addressed Tana Mongeau cheating 'rumours'. Picture: Getty: Denise Truscello/WireImage // YouTube: Jake Paul

By Staff

"I can be friends with girls, right?"

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau may have shocked us all when they got married (we think?) after two months of dating, but now fans are calling Jake out for some questionable activity on their ‘honeymoon’.

Jake, his brother Logan Paul and some friends are currently spending some time travelling around Europe and for Jake’s latest vlog, he took us inside their latest stop off in Ibiza, where they spent some time filming a music video.

Tana, who is currently still in the US due to a “family emergency”, was apparently supposed to feature in the video, but she missed her flight.

In Jake’s latest video, called ‘I spent $1 million on this vacation’, he addresses the rumours that he’s cheating on Tana.

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“Tana was supposed to come here but she missed her flight because she had a family emergency, so I needed someone else to be in the music video,” Jake explains in the clip, before the video veers off into a dramatic montage of all the things we’d probably be doing right now if we were millionaires too - hanging out with conventionally attractive people in swimsuits on a very expensive yacht in Spain, for example.

“I already know what everyone’s gonna say,” Jake says in a voiceover. ‘Jake you’re with these girls on a jet ski and you have a wife… and Jake, you’re jumping off the yacht with the girls, what are you doing Jake?’ Guys, let’s be real here. Why can’t I just get some content with some pretty ladies? I think Tana would be proud of me for interacting with these girls. I can be friends with girls, right guys?"

Tana is currently in Las Vegas dealing with a family emergency and after her and Jake’s wedding she explained how she’s planning to meet him there “the second I can”.

“Last night was an unconventional crazy girl’s dream wedding. I love Jake so fucking much and there’s no one else on earth I could’ve done that with. Truly slow dancing while they’re screaming. We’re both still recovering hard - Jake’s headed to Europe and I have to deal with a family emergency....

“I’m gonna meet him there the second I can. So excited to decompress from the past few months of chaos & celebrate US with no one around. Thank u guys for all the ridiculous amounts of love & support. We fucking love u.”