Who's In Team 10? A List Of Everybody Who's In And Who Has Left Jake Paul's Social Media Squad

3 May 2018, 15:30 | Updated: 3 September 2018, 12:01

Team 10 lineup
Team 10. Picture: Team 10

By Josh Lee

Who's in and who's quit Jake Paul's social media squad Team 10

Who's in Team 10 currently, and who's left Jake Paul's social media squad?

With a slew of almost identically attractive YouTubers who join and quit the LA-based collective at a furious rate, it's sometimes hard to keep track of who's actually in Team 10 right now. Luckily for you, we've been keeping tabs on every member - past and present.

Team 10 Members
Team 10 members. Picture: Team 10

But before we get into the ins and outs of who's in and out of Team 10, let's start with the basics.

What is Team 10?

Team 10 is an LA-based social media squad led by ex-Viner turned YouTuber Jake Paul.

When did Team 10 start?

Team 10 uploaded their first vlog to YouTube on August 5th 2016.

Who were the original members of Team 10

As well as Jake Paul, the original members of Team 10 were Alyssa Violet, Neels Visser, The Dobre Twins, AJ Mitchell and Alex Lange.

Where do Team 10 live?

Team 10 live in Los Angeles.


Now, let's get into who's in and who's out of Team 10.

  1. Jake Paul

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    When did Jake Paul join Team 10?

    Jake is the leader of Team 10, and as such has been in the group since it began back in 2016.

    Has Jake left Team 10?


  2. Alyssa Violet

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    When did Alyssa Violet join Team 10?

    Alyssa was one of the original members of team 10 - and was also Jake's girlfriend for a short time.

    Has Alyssa left Team 10?

    Yes. Alyssa left Team 10 in June 2017 after breaking up with Jake Paul, annd went on to claim that he physically assaulted her during their relationship.

  3. Dobre Twins

    When did the Dobre twins join Team 10?

    Marcus and Lucas Dobre were also founding members of Team 10. While the pair moved out of the Team 10 house for a few months in April 2017, they returned at the end of 2017.

    Are the Dobre twins still in Team 10?


  4. Alex Lange

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    When did Alex Lange join Team 10?

    Alex was one of the original members of Team 10

    Has Alex left Team 10?

    Yes. Alex left Team 10 in December 2017

  5. AJ Mitchell

    A post shared by AJ Mitchell (@imajmitchell) on

    When did AJ Mitchell join Team 10?

    AJ was one of the original members of Team 10

    Has AJ left Team 10?

    Yes. AJ revealed he had left the group during an Instagram Live Q&A in June 2017.

  6. Chance Sutton

    A post shared by Chance Sutton (@imchancesutton) on

    When did Chance Sutton join Team 10?

    Chance joined Team 10 alongside Anthony Trujillo in April 2017.

    Is Chance still in Team 10?

    No. Chance quit Team 10 in May 2018

  7. Anthony Sutton

    say cheeeeese πŸ˜„

    A post shared by Anthony Trujillo (@imanthonytruj) on

    When did Anthony Trujillo join Team 10?

    Anthony joined Team 10 alongside Chance Sutton in April 2017

    Is Anthony still in Team 10?


  8. Erika Costell

    hate the player love the game 😏

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    When did Erika Costell join Team 10?

    Erika had worked on the management side of Team 10 for a couple of years before joining the talent side in June 2017.

    Is Erika still in Team 10?


  9. Martinez Twins

    When you are taking pictures but you see a girl at the same time lol

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    When did the Martinez Twins join Team 10?

    Ivan and Emilio Martinez joined Team 10 in January 2017

    Are Ivan and Emilio still in Team 10?

    No, Ivan and Emilio left Team 10 in November 2017 after accusing Jake Paul of racial harassment and bullying.

  10. Tessa Brooks


    A post shared by Tessa Brooks (@tessabrooks) on

    When did Tessa Brooks join Team 10?

    Tessa joined Team 10 in January 2017

    Is Tessa still in Team 10?

    No. Tessa officially left Team 10 in January 2018.

  11. Neels Visser

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    When did Neels Visser join Team 10?

    Neels is an original member of Team 10.

    Is Neels still in Team 10?

    No. Neels left Team 10 in September 2016.

  12. Tristan Tales

    A post shared by Tristan Tales (@tristantales) on

    When did Tristan Tales join Team 10?

    Tristan joined Team 10 in February 2017.

    Is Tristan Tales still in Team 10?

    No. Tristan left Team 10 in December 2017.

  13. Chad Tepper

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    When did Chad Tepper join Team 10?

    Chad joined Team 10 in July 2017

    Is Chad still in Team 10?


  14. Kade Speiser

    When did Kade Speiser join Team 10?

    Kade began appearing in Team 10 videos in July 2017

    Is Kade still in Team 10?

    Yes, Kade is still in Team 10.

  15. Ben Hampton

    A post shared by Ben Hampton (@benhampton) on

    When did Ben Hampton join Team 10?

    Ben officially joined Team 10 in January 2018

    Is Ben still in Team 10

    Yes, Ben is still in Team 10

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