Jake Paul Used This Sexually Inappropriate Thumbnail On A Video And People Are P*SSED

3 January 2018, 11:03 | Updated: 3 January 2018, 11:12

Jake Paul
Jake Paul. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Jake Paul has been slammed for using a sexually charged image in the thumbnail for his latest video.

On January 2nd, Jake uploaded a video to YouTube called "I Lost My Virginity," with a thumbnail showing him in his underwear with on-screen girlfriend Erika Costell on top of him - also in her underwear. The title and thumbnail were, of course, clickbait; the video was actually about his first time skiing.

Jake Paul&squot;s "I Lost My Virginity" video thumbnail
Jake Paul's "I Lost My Virginity" video thumbnail. Picture: YouTube

The video's sexually-charged thumbnail was swiftly criticised on social media, with many pointing out that it was inappropriate for his mostly young audience. Jake was described by some as "disgusting", while others pointed out that non-sexual LGBTQ+ content is regularly demonetised on YouTube, while Jake is seemingly allowed to use explicitly sexual imagery in his videos.

However some people defended Jake Paul's choice, arguing that he's allowed to create more mature content if he wants to. "It's not always gonna be 10 year old content," one fan wrote.

Following the backlash, Jake Paul changed the video's thumbnail to something less explicit.

The new thumbnail shows him and Erika, both fully clothed, in a bedroom together. Admittedly it's still completely unrelated to the actual video, but at least they put some clothes on.

Jake Paul Thumbnail
Jake Paul Thumbnail. Picture: YouTube